The problem with America today isn’t about race or the color of our skin it’s about our government and opportunities in life. I might white be but I was not born with no silver spoon in my mouth I have had to work very hard to get where I am today.

I came from a broken home not yet even born my father left my mother who was 17 at the time in a school bus in Vermont. My father has given every excuse in the book of why he wasn’t responsible while my mother did what she could do we lived in low income housing at 3606 Seminole Ave Apt B203 East Fort Myers, Florida. I had a great childhood I loved baseball played all the way through high school then by chance I got the opportunity to become a batboy for the Minnesota Twins and later an equipment manager for the Twins, Red Sox, Blue Jays, New York Mets, NY Knicks, Anaheim Angels. Today I am the father of two a 17 year old and a 4 year old and I don’t think I could ever give one excuse for not trying to be the very best. Our son and daughter both were diagnosed with Apraxia a speech and language disorder. On May 19, 2015 our daughter had a stem cell transplant as she had a limited speech vocabulary and today she surprises us each and everyday with her new words:)

I am blessed today my wife and I have a new startup today called iPlayTek we have put everything on the line to go for it. Life is about opportunity and the one thing when I meet people they always say one thing it’s not easy you know about starting a business what I say in return life isn’t easy. People in general are afraid to fail and make mistakes that is what makes us human that we get a second or a third chance to learn from our mistakes.

When you look around the United States today what do you see abandoned homes, abandoned factories, gun violence, high unemployment homes that totally unaffordable. Then you have these low income communities that have very little opportunities but to do things that will get you a record and no chance of better opportunities in life it’s the vicious cycle that keeps happening. It’s happening with all races just take a look at jail records across the country.

I don’t think when Martin Luther King said I have a DREAM he envisioned this happening across America today. Instead of fighting each other why don’t we demand our government to listen to WE THE PEOPLE. There are plenty of opportunities on this land we can each grow and be apart the fabric of America that makes it great again but we all have to stand up and do something about it.

Now here is a great story I found researching some coding ideas yesterday. People say Chicago is bad I couldn’t image having to come from the CONGO that would be like winning the lottery 25 times.

Thank you and be blessed